About Rustic River Media

We are creatives committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible

Who we are

Rustic River Media is a Texas based video production company that specializes in television commercials, live-streamed events, web videos, movie theatre ads, documentary films, digital content creation and multimedia marketing. From our dedication to excellence to our disastrous addiction to gear, you will not find a team more passionate about video than us.

What sets us apart is our experience. We’ve spent years working on a wide range of projects in a variety of industries which has given us insight into different styles and techniques of video production. We write most of our scripts, handle all of the audio, lighting and camera work, and even post-produce most projects in-house.

Our best attribute is our commitment to investment. We have spent years building a business that uses the greatest assets available for video production, investing heavily in equipment that gives us access to take on complex projects that other video companies cannot. But, it’s our commitment to invest in you that makes us who we are.

We capture all of the important elements

Your Brand
Your Passion
Your History
Your Mission
Your Success