Woody River Trophy Hunts

August 16, 2019

Joshua Milligan was very professional in his approach to the video project I wanted. He took the time required to do a great job. I felt he captured the important elements needed to make my video a great success. I would highly recommend Rustic River Media.


Parker Guide Service

January 3, 2019

Josh gives great effort to be very precise and flawless in his video & photography, very strict and professional, producing virtually flawless results in his footage. He knows what to do and how to get the finest shots, making his final product superbly outstanding and effective to the audience. Josh has the finest equipment available for video production. His service, knowledge and skills are above and beyond all the other services we have used in the last 25 years for our promotional films.

He has a great desire to accomplish only the industry’s very finest in film and television. He will be back with us likely many times as his last promotional video has already been invaluable in booking clients. Quite simply the best service and package we have found in filming! And while it seems costly, he works with you, and when you get the best as he delivers, it’s really a huge bargain.

Since he is good you may have to book him or schedule his service well in advance, which is a very good thing and proves his ability and service.

You can see the work he did for us at

Bruce Parker


February 7, 2018

Josh is one of the most talented people I have ever come across. Our interests come together more in the outdoor production arena. The shots that he is able to capture and the storylines that he is able to create is what really separates him from the rest. I’d like to add that his knowledge of equipment is also top of the line. Talented, knowledgeable and a great guy to know, Josh surely is one of the best!