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10 Things I’ve Learned from Making Hunting Related Videos

Over the past decade I’ve learned a lot about what hunters like to see in hunting related videos. From short films to TV shows, to outfitter marketing videos and product advertisements, these observations I’ve noted apply to pretty much any hunting related video there is. 1. Keep it short and

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15 Thoughts on the New Sony FX9

Today Sony announced the new FX9 full frame cinema camera. This is not a replacement for the FS7/FS7II, but rather a full frame version of those cameras with a few new tricks up its sleeve. There are numerous articles out there that will give you all the specs and info

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How to Get Hired as a Freelancer

I got a great question today from a guy who asked what I look for in a second shooter. I think that’s a fantastic question and one I’d love to answer openly as I firmly believe that other people like myself who hire shooters when needed will also look for

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How to Purchase Music for Video Projects

Purchasing music for video production can be a confusing headache if you’re unfamiliar with what’s available, what’s allowed and what’s legal. There are numerous websites where you can purchase music, but sometimes they may not be clear on what you can or cannot do with a track. I want to

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